MEZiPROSTOR festival

Meeting between the heaven and the underground

Four summer days spent in beautiful surroundings of Skalák mill, literally filled up with underground. It’s more than just a festival full of music. It’s a meeting place on our ways. The place to share what we have in common and to understand what we are different at.

MEZiPROSTOR Przestrzeń Pomiędzy

17 bands, 3 stages, lots of workshops, discussions + One Love for free…

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MEZiPROSTOR muzycznie


All creatures are parts of a particular space even before they are born. Very often, this space is not limited only by the natural boundaries of earth and sky, but by many unnatural boundaries, be it state borders, race, religion, social status, prejudice or personal, physical and spiritual reach... Humans and all other creatures have an unquenchable desire to trespass these artificial borders. And not just those visible, tangible and „earthly“, but first and foremost those beyond which the heaven and underground dwells. The pilgrims that decide to walk this path are often considered to be fools, radicals and misfits. The ones on the margins of the society. But beyond the borders of these spaces, we see our interspace. An interspace to share stories and experiences, inspiration and understanding of things not yet understood. Of things sometimes frightening, but often beautiful. This interspace can not really be put on a geographical map. It appears there, where people treat each other with open hearts and open minds. There, where freedom is not an empty word and where religion, politics and the mass culture do not replace quest for truth, social justice and art.

We have for quite some time been leavening with the passion to organize such festival, or meeting, to be more precise. We all are enticed by places and events such as Freakstock, SLOT, Freakfest, Firefest and Tentwork. Each of us is very different and it might seem that there is more things that divide us than those uniting us. We all share the love for music, and we all desire to learn new things and to share our views of the world, of faith and of society. We therefore are preparing concerts, workshops and discussions. We also want to learn about what divides us. We want to seek ways to disagree and at the same time respect each other, learn to cooperate and build replationships between „them“ and „us“, between me and you.

We do not know how to achieve that. But we have decided to at least try in July in Meziříčko. The best way for you to engage is to simply come. Let's be surprised and absorbed by the interspace that is to be born at Skalákův Mlýn...


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Free entrance

Participation at the festival is free.

The festival is organized in the way of D.I.Y. and therefore we refuse any commercial sponsors. To cover the costs of the festival (travel for the bands, workshop materials, promotions etc.) there will be an opportunity for the participants and organizers to donate money at the festival.

If you'd like to support the festival financially in advance, you might send money via PayPal to our festival account. This way would help us to plan better the potential expenditures.

In a case of profit, all money will be used to organize another Meziprostor.

We are deeply grateful for all of your support and trust.


Setkání mezi nebem a podzemím
14. – 17. 7. 2022
Skalákův mlýn, Meziříčko, CZ